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Animal Communicating and Healing for Your Beloved Pet



   I love how listening to an animal and giving them a voice can be so healing for an animal and their person. It brings me such joy to watch the bond between a person and their animal grow as they connect on a deeper level. Animal Communication uses telepathy, which is the sending and receiving of pictures, feelings, and words, to have a conversation. I listen and learn about an animal's joys and fears and get a better understanding of behavioral or medical issues. 


We all love our animals, but sometimes there are issues that can cause frustration and stress. Often these problems are due to a misunderstanding between the person and the animal. I can help you understand your animal and open the communication between the two of you to work through issues so you can get back to the beautiful, loving relationship you both want. 


Often just being heard can be very healing for an animal. However, if there are issues that cannot be resolved through communication, there are more options. I use the Emotional Freedom Technique, tapping, to help release anxiety or stress, and promote healing from emotional issues. I also use Scalar Wave or Reiki, to help with healing for physical and emotional issues.  

About Me


I'm an Animal Lover

My name is Lauren Kinney, and I have always felt very connected to animals. I took my first animal communicating class 20 years ago and since then I have been developing the skill. I am currently a student at Communication With All Life University, completing an intensive Animal Communication and Energy Healing program. I am Reiki II certified and I have completed a Reiki for Animals certification. I have studied Intuition, Medical Intuition, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Scalar Wave, and the Silva Method. While I complete the training and required case studies to graduate from the Animal Communication and Energy Healing program, my sessions will be free of charge. I live in the Atlanta, GA, area but since I only need a photograph to connect with an animal, I can help no matter where an animal lives. 


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I look forward to being able to work with you and your animal to strengthen your loving relationship and improve your pet's health. Sessions can be either in person or done remotely. 

Lauren Kinney

Atlanta, GA